BMW Unveiled the M4 Concept Iconic Lights

During the past few years, for many auto makers, besides working on advanced technologies in safety, powertrain, electronic aspects, they are also pioneering fancy lighting effects.

Many of you may have seen the progress of lighting design from Audi vehicles, and also are familiar with BMW’s “Angel Eye” signature headlights. Now BMW is making another step further by introducing new lighting technologies such as laser headlights, and Organic LED (OLED) taillights.


In this week’s 2015 CES in Las Vegas, BMW debuted the new M4 Concept Iconic Lights. This special M4 includes cool new stuff in both the headlights and the taillights.

For the headlights, which introduces the laser lighting technology, has some fancy functionalities, such as: 1. it can detect vehicles in front or in the opposite direction, and selectively shut off part of the lighting elements to avoid blinding the other vehicles; 2. when it detects animals/pedestrians on the side of the road, it can project a special light beam toward that object to alert the driver; 3. when making a pass, the headlight can project two bright line markings out the safety boundary which you can safely go forward (without hitting other obstacles such as the side wall or incoming traffic); 4. working with the GPS/map information, the headlight will know where you will need extra illumination (for example an intersection, a turning point etc.), then adjust the light projection region accordingly and beforehand.

For the taillight, it is made with water-thin semiconducting layers of organic material. The lighting effect is bright and sharp.

Enjoy our live photos below to see how the BMW new lighting technology look like.


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