Mercedes-Benz Is Planning the G63 AMG 4X4 Truck

Maybe you have heard of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 (image shown below), which by its name basically means a 6-wheel-drive truck.


Now Mercedes is planning to produce a 4-wheel version of the G63 AMG 6X6.


If you think the G63 AMG 6X6 is just simply adding two more wheels to the standard G63 AMG SUV, and the G63 AMG 4X4 is just an upgrade version of the standard G63 AMG, then you are totally wrong. In fact you can consider both of the 6X6 and 4X4 as a totally different car than the G63 AMG.

Let’s take the G63 AMG 6X6 as an example. The only things that are shared with the standard G63 AMG is the engine, transmission and part of the exterior/interior panels.

Besides the above similarities, the 6X6 and 4X4 have a totally different suspension system than the standard SUV.



1. The suspension on the 6X6 and 4X4 is using the portal axle (the axle tube is above the center of the wheel hub, plus a reduction gearbox within the hub) design;

2. There is a central tire inflation system installed. With the help of 4 air tank (20-liter each) and an heavy-duty air compressor, you can deflate/inflate the tires electronically via the control panel on the dash; this feature is essential for driving on sand – you need to deflate the tires before driving into the sand.

3. The 6X6 has a total 5 differentials, all of them are fully lockable, with default torque split of 30:40:30; the 4X4 will likely to has the same transfer case/differential setup as the standard G63 AMG SUV, but probably be strengthened to handle harsh off-road situations

4. The total curb weight of the 6X6 is more than 9,000 lb, significantly heavier than the G63 AMG (close to 6,000 lb); the 4X4 will be lighter than the 6X6, but do not expect its weight to come close to the standard G63 AMG.

The G63 AMG 6X6 is much pricier than the standard G63 too. In the UK market, Mercedes is asking GBP 370,000 for the 6X6 (close to USD $580,000), and its a limited production. Mercedes-Benz is not offering the 6X6 for the US market, and we do not hear any news that the German auto maker is planning to do so in the future at this moment. Therefore we can reasonably assume if the 4X4 was going into production, we still cannot buy it in US. However situation can be changed any time, and we are keeping our fingers crossed.


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