Aston Martin Considers Selling The Lagonda Sedan outside of Middle East

 What does Aston Martin have up their sleeves?

People don’t like refusing money, plain and simple. This is especially true for a company that shows negative earning numbers on its financial report, and Aston Martin is a typical example.

For the 2013 year, Aston Martin has reported a pretax loss of GBP 25.4-million and only managed to sell 4,200 cars. However this does not stop the British auto maker from designing new vehicles. Previously, we have reported Aston Martin has made a special sedan only for selected customers in the Middle East market: the Lagonda sedan.


However, it looks like Aston Martin’s upper management has changed their ideas. We’re guessing Aston Martin is catching on and need to make a change in order to be more profitable. During the recent unveiling event in Dubai, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has confirmed the message that they are “also evaluating the opportunity to offer the Lagonda in other markets”.

While we are not sure when this will happen, it is sure that selling the Lagonda sedan in other countries will up the auto maker’s profit.


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  • Jay  says:

    The Aston Martin Lagonda is such a beautiful luxury sedan. I would really like it if they made it available in the US.

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