2015 Volvo XC90 Overseas Delivery Pricing Announced

The most famous European factory delivery program should arguably be the BMW European Delivery Program.

Actually many other European brands offer similar programs, which you can have your car delivered to Europe and drive your own car on your next European vacation if you wanted to. For Volvo, this is called “Overseas Delivery.”


If you opted for the program to buy a Volvo, the price you paid for the car also includes:

1. Two round-trip air tickets to Sweden;
2. One night of first-class hotel in Gothenburg;
3. Shipping of your Volvo back to your US local Volvo dealership

The Overseas Delivery pricing are also lower than the US MSRP, so taking the free air tickets, hotel stay and money saved by no need to rent a car into consideration, it is a good deal if you want to buy a Volvo and are also planning to take a vacation trip to Europe.


Several days ago Volvo released the overseas delivery pricing for the upcoming redesigned 2015 XC90, please see the official document here for more details.


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