Can You Find Something Unusual in This Photo?

One of our readers send us this photo he took in a late model Ford vehicle.

At a glance you may think this is a typical display of the instrument cluster. However there is something wrong with it.


You can see, the cars mileage is at 9,897.2 miles (which adds up from 0 mile and you cannot reset or change it); but the trip meter (which you can reset it to zero when you are starting a new trip) shows 9,897.4 miles, which is greater than the mileage value.

Obviously, the “Trip 1” meter has not been reset since the car rolls off the assembling line, so the “Trip 1” calculation should increase in sync with the mileage value accumulation. But somehow they are not in the same step.

Logically speaking, all mileage related functionality should come from the same sensor sources, which means there should not be any discrepancy no matter how many miles the car has run, but looks like this is not the case in this Ford vehicle.

We hope this does not indicate there are coding errors or bugs in the car’s control unit which could cause recalls and no one wants to deal with leaving their car at the dealership, right?

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