Impression: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Among all the full-size SUVs in the US market, the Lincoln Navigator is a truck that always forgotten by some consumers. In 2013, GM sold a total of 22,514 units of the Cadillac Escalade, compared to 8,613 units for the Navigator.

Both of the Escalade and Navigator are truck-based SUVs, which are using the body-on-frame construction. The reason why the Navigator received lower sales is because some of its major features and styling are outdated. Therefore, Lincoln extensively revised the 2015 Navigator to make it to be competitive again.


Changes made to the 2015 model includes the brand-new 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine which is making 380hp and 460 lb-ft of torque (no V8 engine option is offered), and big changes to the exterior and interior stylings. Interior material quality and electric gadgets/display are improved a lot too (new speedometer, new 8-inch touchscreen LCD in dash, new buttons etc). Below I will show you some live photos and my comments.

The genral shape of the interior is almost identical to the previous model years. But one major distinctive enhancement you will immediately see after opening the door is: the stitched leather wrapped dash.


This is not the faked stitching effect. See the close-up shot, it is real leather and real stitching.


See the dash in another angle.


The speedometer is changed to the LCD type, the two LCDs on the left/right hand side have different settings to display various information combinations.


This is what you will see when you are stepping into the cabin and sitting on the driver’s seat.


There are nice wood trims around the infotainment control panels and also the transmission shifter/cup-holder area. The buttons and knobs has good visual effects and touch feel, a true step up from the 2014 model.


The front seat area is spacious.


Seats are covered with high quality leathers.


The door panel: arm rest is wrapped by stitched leather, and the styling reminds me of a Land Rover.


Another look at the door.


Second row seats: you can see huge headroom for the passengers.


Because the headrests of the second-row seat need to be folded when the seats are folded down, so you see the two groove openings in the headrest, something uncommon today.


From my point of view, the 2015 Navigator has good quality of materials and good assembling quality, which are big improvements over the 2014 model. I have not test driven it yet, so no comment on its performance and handling at this moment.





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