Test Drive Review: 2014 Acura RLX – Part 3 (Electronic Features, Controls)

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2014 Acura RLX – Part 3 (Electronic Features, Controls)
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Even though the RLX has two LCDs to accept control command and display information, there are still a dozen of physical buttons and knobs on the center console.

It gave me some sense of complication during the first few minutes when I was sitting on the driver’s seat, but after playing with the system for a while, I found it to be easy to use – at least it is not hard to learn to use the major features that it provides.

The AC control part is easy and intuitive


The navigation system requires the participate of the big round knob on the console. By turning, or moving left/right/up/down, you can highlight different tabs on the display screen, and select the action items. You will get used to it pretty soon.


The display resolution and quality of the upper LCD is not so impressive, but still acceptable.


The RLX comes with one center loudspeaker on top of the dashboard, and the light sensor (which controls the automatic headlight) is in front of it.


And there is one tweeter on each side of the front doors.


The plastic surroundings of the LCD and controls is of high quality.


This is the instrument cluster, it has almost identical styling compared to other Acura vehicles such as the latest MDX and TLX.


Of course, push engine start/off is standard.


This is how the driver side foot well looks. If Acura can use a plastic trim to cover this part up, this will be visually better. This may be an overlook by the designer, since other parts of the cabin are use high quality leather coverings, and many details have been paid attention to.


The steering wheel is also wrapped with leather. The touch feel is firm and non-slippery.


This is the transmission shifter panel, but it is not gated.


Electronic parking brake and auto-hold feature (very useful in stop-and-go traffic) are standard too.


The rear view mirror has automatic dimming feature. I found its shape and layout is very similar to the one on Lexus vehicles, may be they are ordered from the same supplier?


Here is the moon roof control, also button for emergency assist.


The four window switches are all auto.


The driver seat is 12-way adjustable.


The center armrest has superb touch feel and its height is enough to support your arm when you need it.


The center armrest cover can be opened in two ways: either open from the side, or slide backwards.



Inside the cabin, all panels are covered with soft-touch materials – even for the C pillar, the panel trim is covered with fine cloth.


I really wish Acura can replace this high gloss plastic trim with genuine wood trim. Anyway, it looks like the 2015 model has fixed this issue.


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