Gallery: The 2015 Honda Spirior Si Is Cousin of the Acura TLX

When talking about the Accord outside of US market, please pay attention that it usually means a different car. For example the 8th-gen Honda Accord in Japan and Europe is actually the Acura TSX in US.

The foreign-market Accord also has another name in China: it is called the Honda Spirior. Last month, Honda revealed the redesigned 2015 Spirior. The higher-level Si trim, can be consider to be the equivalent to the Acura TLX 2.4 8-DCT.


The Spirior has the same wheelbase as the TLX, and the Si trim comes with the same 2.4L direct-injection 4-cylinder engine as in the TLX and also the Honda-developed 8-speed DCT. The 2.4L engine in the Spirior makes 202hp (4hp less than the US market TLX) and 182 lb-ft of torque. The 8-speed DCT is developed by Honda itself, and strange enough, it is the only DCT in the industry that has a torque converter.

The Spirior Si has some features that the US market TLX does not has: heated rear seats, head-up display etc.

Please enjoy the following live photos of the 2015 Spirior Si.

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