Latest 2016 BMW 7-Series Interior Spy Shots

During the last few days, there are some spy shots of the redesigned 2016 BMW 7-series (the G11 7-series) interior layout. From the below gallery we have some findings.

1. The instrument gauge is a combination of round dial frames and digital LCD content (including speed/tachometer scale readings, indicating needles) display;

2. iPad style navigation display screen like the current F30 3-series;

3. Not much of the console area are covered in leather or wood trim, especially the center armrest part, it looks like lots of plastic is used instead.

BMW is reported to pursuing some cost cutting initiative recently, planning to to save 3 – 4 billion euro each year to help keep the company’s profit margins within the range of 8% to 10%. We hope this will not translate to compromise of material quality to be used in the newly designed products.

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