Some details you may not notice in the BMW F30 3 series

While the new 3 series has a more modernized exterior and fancy electronic features, providing a better handling (with those equipped with the M sports pkg), better performance (not including the 320i because there is no comparable models within the US market E90 generation); editors recently notice some user complains arose from several BMW user forums.

For example the 40-60mph steering wheel vibration issue, the steering system clunking issue, seat frame rust issue, and some build quality complains.

Also if you are considering buying a 3 series (320i, 328i, 335i, not including the M3), you should know these two facts: 1. The RWD 4 cylinder models:  their engine oil pan is made with plastic; 2. the front sub frame in the new 3 series is made from steel, while the previous generation (E90) is made with aluminum alloy. We do not conclude which is better, but we must admit some expensive luxury vehicles do contain a higher percentage of aluminum material.

In our sample 328i, we are lucky to not experiencing the vibration, clunking or rust issues. However we do notice some build quality facts that BMW may want to pay attention to in the next model year. Below are some photos taken from our sample car. Please note that our opinion is subjective, and comments like “too wide”, “uneven” are relatively speaking. For example you can argue that wide gaps from our point of view is totally acceptable from your own perspective, that’s fine. Now let’s see what we find in our sample car:

Nonuniform gap in the door handle plastic trim


Bolts inside seats are exposed and quite visible when you open the door


Uneven gaps between the dash plastic trims


Again, gaps. And some panels are not aligned well too.


Lots of exposed wiring and electronic stuffs under the driver’s seat


The black door trim, is covered by plastic wrap sheets. They are cracked and start to peel off.


Made in China window glass. I remember in the previous E90 generation, BMW was using German made Pilkington glass. I have no problem with the FuYao glass, I just wonder why BMW not using their local German manufacturers.


One more photo of the excessive gap


Editor note: if you find any design/quality issues in your F30 3 series, you can leave a comment below this article. We will consolidate them and send to BMW.

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