BMW future engine development roadmap

From our BMW insider source:

The N55 inline-turbo-6 engine will be replaced by a totally new design N58 (some other sources claim BMW will change to use letter “B” as prefix of engine model, so N58 may be called B58) twin turbo six. Engine displacement is the same (3 liters), maximum design output will be in the range of 370-400hp, typical output will be around 330 – 360hp.

The twin turbo will be composed of one twin scroll turbo (act as the low pressure turbo), plus another single traditional turbo, arranged in a sequential order.

The N58/B58 engine will be in the market as soon as 2016, but it may be delayed until as late as 2018.

N63 V8 will get some small upgrades but no dramatic change.

By 2016, all most all BMW V8 engines will be tuned to have at least 480hp.

There is another 6-cylinder diesel engine code named N59 under development, technical details are unknown at this moment.

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