Latest BMW M2 speculation

One fact known to all of us is the high performance version of the current BMW 2-series – M235i, has a turbo inline 6 engine that produces 320 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque.

This left the rumored M2 with less space for imagination. We all admit that BMW would not let M2’s specification and performance touch the higher-level product such as M3/M4’s territory. Considering the upcoming M3/M4 will has a 425 hp 6 cylinder turbo engine, so we are sure if M2 does exist in the future, its engine horsepower will not get close to “425”.

We also found that the front/rear weight distribution of current M235i is not so “optimal”, which is at 53% front and 47% rear. So if the M2 use a high-output 4 cylinder turbo engine, this will make the nose of the 2-series much ligher, thus improving the weight distribution. And there are already plenty of speculations stating that the M2 will use a 4 cylinder engine instead of the 6-banger in M235i.

A BMW insider hints, M2 coupe will come 2 years after M4’s debut. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.



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