2014 MDX vs. 2013 MDX: a comprehensive specifications comparison

For those of you who are owning the second generation Acura MDX (2007 – 2013) and considering replacing it with the latest 2014 one, or are still hesitating to select a pre-owned MDX or a brand new 2014 model, here are some specification comparison.

Car body torsional rigidity: 2014 model is 12.4% higher than the second generation;

Suspension stabilizer bar: 2014 model is larger than the second generation;

Steering: 2014 model is electronic power steering, the second generation uses hydraulic power steering;

Steering ratio: 2014 model is significantly smaller (15:66:1, compared to 2nd gen’s 17.1:1). This means for 2014 model you will turn a smaller angel of the steering wheel to achieve the similar turning maneuver  of the second generation MDX. This also indicates the new model’s steering is more sensitive to your input, and its handling is more nimble.

Brake rotor size: 2014 model is smaller than the second gen (both front and rear; front/rear – second gen: 13.0/13.2; 2014 model: 12.6/13.0). This is understandable, because 2014 model are some 300lb lighter than the old models.

Transmission gear ratio and final drive ratio: 2014 model is not changed, the same as the old models.

Front/rear weight distribution (front/rear): 2014 model’s nose is heavier (percentage-wise). For AWD trim it is 58/42, for FWD trim it is 60/40. Compared to second gen’s number: 55.6/44.4.

Passenger volume: generally speaking 2014 model is a little bit smaller than the old models. Below are more details.

Headroom: 2014 model is smaller than old model (for both 1/2/3 rows).

Legroom: first row, 2014 model is larger than old model; second row, 2014 models are smaller; third row, depends on the position of second row – if second row are moved to the most forward position, then 2014 model is larger; if second row are pushed all the way back, then 2014’s third row legroom is smaller than the old model.

Hiproom:  2014 model is smaller;

Shoulder room: 2014 model is also smaller;

Exterior dimensions: 2014 models are longer; but for the width, and front track, rear track, 2014 models are smaller.

Approach/ departure angles (how steep your car can clear a ramp), ground clearance: 2014 model is smaller than the old model.

Tire width: 2014 model is using a narrower tire (245mm), compared to the old model’s 255mm width tire.

As can be seen from the above numbers, it looks like for some parameters the 2014 model is smaller than the previous generation MDX, however the differences are small enough to neglect, and this also reflects the design focus of the new MDX: easier to drive/park, better handling, better fuel efficiency, more practical for daily drive.

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