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Volkswagen Touareg 4Motion AWD System – A Comprehensive Review

All-wheel-drive system is a somewhat complicated topic. The main factor lies in: there are many types of differential, and also an AWD system always has 3 differentials (front/center/rear), hence there are many possible combinations of ways to implement an AWD system.


Since a typical consumer may not have enough knowledge to understand all technical details behind the AWD system, automobile manufacturers usually employ a single, unified generic term to name all of its AWD systems. Take Volkswagen as example: all of its AWD systems have only one name: “4Motion”, the same thing applies to Audi’s Quattro system.

The current way that car makers name their AWD products seems ...

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2014 BMW X5 crash test result available from IIHS

Yesterday IIHS released the moderate overlap front test and side crash test results for the new 2014 BMW X5.

Here are the detailed data with comparison with the Mercedes-Benz ML and VW Touareg (all measurements are in cm):

Moderate overlap front (the smaller the better)

Footwell intrusion – Footrest: 2 (ML: 3; Touareg: 2)
Footwell intrusion – Left: 4 (ML: 4; Touareg: 2)
Footwell intrusion – Center: 4 (ML: 6; Touareg: 2)
Footwell intrusion – Right: 3 (ML: 7; Touareg: 2)

Brake pedal (the smaller the better): 2 (ML: 3; Touareg: 2)

Instrument panel rearward movement (the smaller the better)

Instrument panel – Left: 0 (ML: 1; Touareg: 2)
Instrument panel – Right: 0 (ML: 2; Tou...

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