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The 2015 VW Passat GTE Is For Those Who Has Electrical Outlets in The Garage

Today Volkswagen has announced the 2015 Passat GTE – the plug-in hybrid variant of the Passat product line.

The Pasaat GTE will be available in both of the sedan and wagon format. Information highlights are:

– 1.4L TSI 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, 156hp
– Electric motor: 115hp and 243 lb-ft of torque
– Combined output: 218hp
– 6-speed dual-clutch transmission
– 0-60 time: less than 8 seconds
– Top speed: 137mph
– Maximum range (with battery fully charged and full tank of gas): 621 miles


Please enjoy the below gallery.

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Redesigned Euro-spec 2015 Volkswagen Passat Information

Please note that the “VW Passat” is different in Euro market and the US market.

The Passat sold in the US, is not the same Passat sold in Europe. The Passat sold in Europe, is the B7 Passat; the Passat sold in US, is based on the NMS platform, and it is not the B7 Passat in Europe. If you feel confusing at this point, consider you are still more lucky than other markets, for example in China, VW sold two kinds of Passat at the same time, one is call VW Magotan, another is called Passat, they are related to the European B7 Passat and the US Passat, respectively.

Today VW released some information and also images of the newly redesigned European-spec Passat, therefore Passa...

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