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Fun Facts about Your Car Brake Caliper’s Placement (Part 3)

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In this section, we will examine the rear wheel braking system.

Similar to the front wheel, one factor that affects the location of the brake caliper is the geometry design of the car’s rear suspension.

For some cars, there are control arm that connects to the rear part of the wheel hub, which takes up places that can fit the brake, therefore the brake caliper must be located in front of the rear wheel axle. For example the Lexus GS350 with rear wheel steering option, the control arm is located behind the wheel hub, therefore the brake must be placed on the other side.


For some other cars, the rear suspension control arms are in front of the wheel axle, therefore the bra...

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Fun Facts about Your Car Brake Caliper’s Placement (Part 2)

break calipers

In this section, let’s take a look at one factor that determines the location of your car’s brake calipers.

First, we look at the front wheels. You may find many front-wheel-drive cars have their front brake calipers in front of the axle, that is because for FWD layout, the engine is usually transversely placed in front of the axle. With such layout, the steering arm can not be placed in front of the axle because the transversely placed engine acts like a wall to block the passage of the steering shaft. Therefore, the steering arm can only be located after the axle, which means there is no place left for the brake system at the same location...

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2016 Subaru Forester Will Come with 1.6T Engine

The Subaru-developed 1.6L turbocharged flat-4 engine (code name: FB16 DIT) has been used in the Japanese domestic market model Subaru Levorg, for quite a while.

Today insider news indicates Subaru is planning to put the same engine on the brand’s popular model Forester. From the following official engine power curve, it shows the engine is rated at 168 hp@4800-5600rpm, with peak torque 184 lb-ft achieved between 1800-4800rpm.


This Subaru engine packs with some impressive technologies, which can be told from its 11.0:1 compression ratio. If you think this ratio is not high enough, please do not forget this is a turbocharged engine, not a naturally aspirated engine...

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Subaru Is Considering to Revive the SVX

To those who are not familiar with the “SVX” name in Subaru history, here are some background information.

23 years ago, Subaru created the SVX model which is sold in the US during the 1992 – 1997 model years. The SVX is Subaru’s first try in the luxury car market, it carries an approx. 33% higher MSRP than other Subaru cars when it went for sale in 1992.


The original Subaru SVX comes with a 3.3L 230hp flat-six engine, mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. US market customer can choose between an AWD system and the FWD option...

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Actually How Many People Lease Their Cars?

We always hear the idea of leasing cars, or maybe you are already leasing a car at this moment. There are also debates whether leasing or purchasing saves you more money. There is no absolute answer for this question because the final cost depends heavily on your income/expense/tax situations, therefore it is case by case.

In US, since you do not own the title of the leased car (the leasing company that owns the tile), this is classified as an operating lease...

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