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Redesigned W205 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Spec Released

Today Mercedes-Benz unveiled some detailed information regarding the newly redeisgned C-Class sedan AMG variant: the C63 AMG. Below are some highlights:

– All C63 AMG models will be powered by the M177 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine
– 7-speed AMG Speedshift transmission
C63 AMG: 475hp, 479 lb-ft of torque; 0-100kmh (0-62mph): 4.2 seconds
C63 AMG S: 510hp, 515 lb-ft of torque; 0-100kmh (0-62mph): 4.1 seconds
– Tire size: 245/40/R18 (front); 265/40/R18 (rear)
– C63 AMG standard options: AMG Ride Control sports suspension w/3-stage adjustable shocks; AMG speed-sensitive sports steering system; internally ventilated and perforated brake discs (size: 360mm/330mm – front/...

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Crash Test Comparison: Mercedes-Benz C Class 2015 Model vs. 2008 Model

The redesigned W205 Mercedes-Benz C Class has not be on sale in US at this moment (the expected date will be around end of August), so there is no US crash protection ratings at this moment.

However European test program Euro NCAP has fully tested the new C Class recently. Unlike IIHS, Euro NCAP does not provide detailed measure data to the car frame, it only provides a rating and points system to the public, so besides the similar result between the new W205 and older W204 generation, we can only judge their performance from the video.


Below are two comparisons between the new and old C class, one is the 64 kph (40 mph) frontal crash test; and another is the 29 kph (18 ...

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Mercedes-Benz Is Considering the C-Class 4-Door Coupe

Apparently BMW’s market segmentation strategy (develop as many as possible model variants) in the recent years has great influences on the other two major German automakers. We got news from our source that, Mercedes-Benz is developing a 4-door coupe style new product which will be sitting between the CLA and CLS class, and it will probably base on the W205 C class platform.

We call this is the C Class Gran Coupe at this moment, but obviously when the new model is in production, Mercedes will give it a name similar to CLA and CLS. Some rumors said “CLF” is very possible. Below image is an artist rendering of the “CLF”.


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2015 Mercedes-Benz C Class Wagon Will Be Announced May 23

Two days ago we reported the W205 C class wagon will be released in this year’s Paris Motor Show in October.

Today we bring you the good news that, if you are waiting to buy the new C wagon your wait is shorter now: Mercedes will announced the new wagon two weeks later, on May 23.

But we are not sure whether Mercedes will bring this model to US side, so this may be good news only for European readers at this moment.

Below are the spy shots of the W205 C class wagon.

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Mercedes-Benz W205 C Class Wagon Spy Shots

The W205 C Class wagon will be revealed in the 2014 Paris Motor Show on Oct.24, 2014.

Here are some latest spy shots of the latest Mercedes wagon.

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