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What to Expect in the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The 2015 Detroit auto show to be held in next month is going to be a historical event for the automobile history. Several cars to be debuted there will definitely be proven to be legends in the automobile history. To name a few: the long-waited second generation NSX; the successor of the glory Ford GT; the first Lexus high-performance mid-size sedan, M5/E63AMG fighter: GS-F.

Below is a brief preview of what we’ll see in two weeks.

2016 Acura NSX


25 years earlier when Acura debuted its first generation NSX, it was a milestone in the automobile industry. The 1st-gen NSX has many new stuffs and technologies that people had never seen before at that time...

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Refreshed 2015 Mini Countryman information

The 2015 Mini Countryman is a mid-cycle refresh model. No mechanical changes are made to the small SUV. Major feature changes/upgrades are:

– LED lighting (standard on the S and John Cooper Works);

– AWD model comes with underbody guard plate as standard (except JCW models)

– New infotainment system

– Exterior/interior tweaks (styling, layout, colors etc.)



Please note that the AWD version of Countryman (ALL4 system, as shown below), there is an electromagnetic multi-plate clutch to connect the front drive shaft to the rear wheels. This sytem’s default status is 50/50 split power distribution. Under the assumption that front and rear wheels are spinning at the same speed

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