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2016 BMW X1 Unveiled, Becomes Front-Wheel-Drive Layout

We use to think BMW is a brand only makes sports-oriented cars with rear-wheel-drive layout. However, it seems quite a lot of “normal” consumers just do not care whether it is RWD or FWD at all (they may even do not know these terms). Therefore to expand the sales, it is logical to produce some models which are using FWD platform: better interior space efficiency, less cost (better profit margin) etc. This is exactly the case for the all-new 2nd-generation 2016 BMW X1 (code name: F48), unveiled today.


As mentioned above, the 2016 X1 is based on the FWD platform (shared with the MINI Countryman)...

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Report: BMW Will Build R&D Center in China, Expanding Zinoro Brand

Following the news that BMW will manufacture 3 more models in China, BMW also announced they are setting up a research and development center in Shengyang, China.

BMW’s Shenyang R&D center is focusing on new energy source vehicles and its new brand: Zinoro, which is dedicated to the Chinese market.

I bet you have never heard the name of “Zinoro”. Here is some background information: Zinoro is a brand that BMW created solely for the China market. It is dedicated to electric vehicles at this moment, and it has already released their first product: the Zinoro 1E.


You see it right, it looks like the BMW X1 – because it is actually the X1, but with electric motor and battery ...

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Report: BMW Added 3 More Models to be Build in China

To lower costs and attract more customers, most major auto makers have set up manufacturing factories in China now.

Because of local policy and regulations, almost all foreign makers chose this way to expand its product in China market: they are collaborating with one of Chinese local auto companies and set up a joint venture. For example, Ford is working with Chang’an Automobile, Honda has signed contract with Guangzhou Automobile. For, BMW is teamed up with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited (CBA), and formed “HuaChen BMW” for China market.

BMW has two factories in Shenyang, China: one is called Dadong plant, another is called Tiexi plant...

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2016 BMW X1 Rendering and Latest Information

The next generation of the BMW X1 is planned to be released in September 2015, we have reported some information a while ago. As the date is approaching, exterior rendering and more specifications become available.

Below is an artist rendering of the new X1. The new generation small SUV will be based on BMW Group’s UKL front-wheel-drive platform. Both FWD and AWD option will be offered.


Two engine families will be found in the new X1: the 1.5L 3-cylinder turbo and the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engines. Since BMW and Toyota have lots of collaboration projects nowadays, we believe Aisin will supply the transmission for the future X1.

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Latest info for the next generation (F48) BMW X1

The compact SUV market competition becomes more red hot recently. Latest news we have for the new X1:

– Diesel and gas engine available; from 3 cylinders to 4 cylinders. Most powerful option will be more than 300 horsepower;

– Aisin 8 speed transmission;

– FWD layout, US market AWD only;

– Made in Leipzig (Germany), Shenyang (China) and Brazil;

– Of course, a X1 long wheel base version for China;

– Revealed in 2015 and on sale 2016;

– Your guess is correct, the X2 will also come.


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