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2015 Range Rover Gets Updated Diesel V6

The All New 2015 Range Rover & Range Rover Sport

The 2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are the only full size SUV’s on the market that has an all-aluminum-made car body. This is not only state-of-the-art in the SUV sector, but also a very advanced technology in the civilian passenger car industry.

For the 2015 model year, Land Rover has made some enhancements to its diesel engine variants, and also introduced some really awesome electronic features to the whole product line.


Please note that Land Rover does not sell any diesel versions of the 2015 Range Rover or Range Rover Sport in the US market, so US customers will not see the updated diesel V6 mentioned below.

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Land Rover Released The 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR

Today Land Rover unwrapped the high performance model of the 2015 Range Rover, it is called the “Range Rover Sport SVR”.

Below are some of the essence features of the Range Rover Sport SVR, you won’t find this summary in any other places:

– The only SUV that has full aluminum body construction
– Same V8 engine as the one in the Jaguar XKR-S
– ZF-sourced 8HP70 8-speed transmission
– Electronic limited-slip central differential, 50:50 default F/R torque distribution
– 2-speed transfer case with off-road gear
– eLSD rear differential with torque-vectoring functionality
– Official Nürburgring lap time: 8’14”

The major difference between the SVR model and the Rover Sport Supe...

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