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All-New 2016 BMW 7-Series (G11/G12) Details Explained

The all-new 6th-generation BMW 7 series will start production in this July, and last week you have seen how the new 7 series looks. Today we will show you some highlights of the new BMW flagship sedan’s specifications.


Below are what we have known at this moment:

– Carbon fiber (Carbon fiber–reinforced polymer – CFRP)/aluminum/steel hybrid material car body construction; the CFRP used on the G11/12 7 series is 50% lighter than steel, and 30% lighter than aluminum; Used in places such as the B-pillar, C-pillar, transmission tunnel, roof rails etc.
– Hybrid material construction contributes to a 40kg (88.2 lbs) weight reduction for the body-in-white;
– Revised wheel hub ...

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They Are Not Created Equal: BMW Leather Explained

There are lots of BMW owners around here in the US. We are facing a very comprehensive order guide when we are customize building/ordering  our BMW. One prominent issue is the various vocabulary used in the description of the car’s leather seats/upholstery. These different terms are not just for fancy decorative purpose, in fact they mean something.


Below are some brief explanation of those frequently terms you will see in all US market BMW models’ order sheet:

Merino Leather

Usually in M models and BMW Individual orders. This is genuine fine-grain natural leather, it is dyed with no artificial coating applied.

Nappa Leather

This is an optional upgrade for the higher-l...

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Who Is More Upscale: Mercedes, BMW and Audi

When people are thinking about buying a German luxury car which costs less than $100,000, undoubtedly the three major brands are “MBA”: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.


Some folks consider these three brands to be equally reputable with similar brand image; while at the same time, fans of each brand may want to debate their beloved brand is more upscale than the others.

Here in this article I will provide some insights. One assumption that most people are agree on: the product line’s price range distribution determines the brand’s market position...

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Is The Volkswagen Phaeton Able to Run at 300 kmh?

If you have done some research on the internet, you may have already seen there are plenty of articles mentioning that, during the design phase the Phaeton is required to “be capable of being driven all day at 300 km/h”.


In fact there is no way the Phaeton can reach 300 km/h, not to mention it is “being driven all day” at that speed.  Below we will provide a brief analysis to show you why.

The Phaeton’s drag coefficient is 0.32 (Cd = 0.32). According to the air drag force formula we can calculate the force that the Phaeton will be facing:

Air Drag Force = 1/2 x Cd x Rho x Speed^2 x Area

In the above, “Rho” is the air’s density, and “Area” is the cross sectional area of ...

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Acura SH-AWD: A Comprehensive Analysis (Updated Jan.8, 2016)

The Acura SH-AWD system (short for: Super Handling-All Wheel Drive) is often described ambiguously in most automobile literature. Some articles even said it is an enhanced version of the Honda VTM-4, which is incorrect.


In this article, we will analyze the SH-AWD in detail, focusing on these three questions:

1. How does the SH-AWD work?
2. Why the SH-AWD can transfer large amount of power to rear wheels constantly, without worrying about the wear and overheating issues?
3. What is the difference between the Acura SH-AWD and the Honda VTM-4 system?


Overview: The SH-AWD Systems

Currently there are 4 different types of SH-AWD:

1. The SH-AWD used on the 2005-2012 Acura RL

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