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The 2016 BMW X5M & X6M Lap the Track as Quick as the M3

2016 BMW X5M & X6M:  Is Fast An Understatement?

Have you ever wished that an SUV would handle like a sports car? The completely redesigned 2016 X5M and X6M turns that dream into reality.

According to BMW’s test report, they tested the X6M on the famous Nürburgring. The time that it takes the X6M to finish one lap, is the SAME time as the last-generation E92 M3 coupe! This is a really remarkable achievement.



We get a chance to view the new X5M and X6M in person today during the BMW debut event in LA auto show, and we will show you the exclusive photos of the X6M’s engine bay.


The X5M/X6M also have very nice interiors, most of the panels are wrapped in stitched leat...

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