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Next VW Phaeton Will Be Significantly Cheaper

We got news from our VW source that, the next generation of the Volkswagen Phaeton will be position similar to the Chrysler 300 and Ford Taurus.

This is a big change that can change your mindset that how you view today’s Phaeton. For your reference, the current Phaeton is sharing the same platform with the Bentley Continental GT, and is capable of holding a 12-cylinder engine in front of its front wheel and provide power to all of its four wheels.

If the new Phaeton is designed to compete with cars that are significantly cheaper than the current model’s price tag, we are almost sure that it will not be so close to the Bentley models as it does today...

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Latest Volkswagen New Product Plan

We got some updates from our VW source.

In autumn this year, VW will release the wagon version of the Passat sedan, called “Passat Variant”.

In engine and drivetrain technologies, VW will announce its 10-speed double clutch transmission (10-speed DSG) and also a 1.0L turbo engine.


The 10-speed DSG can handle a maximum torque of 369 lb-ft, rumors said the future Tiguan will be the first candidate to use this new transmission; and the first model to receive the new 1.0 TSI engine will be the VW Polo.


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VW 7-Seat SUV North America Production Site To Be Announced Next Week

Two weeks earlier we reported that VW has decided the plant location to build the Chinese market 7-seat SUV, based on the CrossBlue concept.

A VW source released more information to US media that, the company management may come out with the decision of where to build the north America SUV.

The current candidates including the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, and also the Mexico site. We will report back once the result is available.

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Car Body Torsional Rigidity – A Comprehensive List (Updated: Apr. 29, 2016)

Note: we have moved the complete list to our new site, all future updates will be published there.

The torsional rigidity is a critical parameter for a vehicle, which measures how many force you need to apply to “twist” the car body frame by one degree. Of course the larger of this value, the better.

From the consumer’s perspective, what is the benefit of a high torsional rigidity car body? A vehicle with high torsion rigidity will give the driver and passenger a more “solid” feel when the car is running, especially when the road is bumpy and has lots of potholes on it...

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Live photo from the Beijing auto show – 2015 VW Scirocco R

It is quite amazing that VW takes the blue color theme to another level: even the detailing workers are wearing blue helmets and blue shoe covers.



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