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All-New 2016 Audi A4 Announced

The current Audi A4 (B8) has been around since 2008, and of course it is now due for a complete renewal. Today Audi announced the 5th-gen 2016 A4 (B9), based on MLB-Evo platform.


Since the MLB-Evo is just an upgraded version of the current MLB architecture, you will not see dramatically revolutionary enhancements like full-aluminum or carbon fiber car body. On the 2016 A4, it uses a little bit more hot-stamped steel or aluminum parts in the car frame. Due to this reason, regarding the body-in-white, the B9 A4 just slashed around 15kg from the current B8 A4.

The new A4 has major change in the rear suspension design: it switches back to the 5-link type from the previous H-...

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Is The Volkswagen Phaeton Able to Run at 300 kmh?

If you have done some research on the internet, you may have already seen there are plenty of articles mentioning that, during the design phase the Phaeton is required to “be capable of being driven all day at 300 km/h”.


In fact there is no way the Phaeton can reach 300 km/h, not to mention it is “being driven all day” at that speed.  Below we will provide a brief analysis to show you why.

The Phaeton’s drag coefficient is 0.32 (Cd = 0.32). According to the air drag force formula we can calculate the force that the Phaeton will be facing:

Air Drag Force = 1/2 x Cd x Rho x Speed^2 x Area

In the above, “Rho” is the air’s density, and “Area” is the cross sectional area of ...

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Audi SQ7 with Diesel V8 Electric Turbocharger

Last year, we have reported that Volkswagen has been working on the electric turbocharger for a while. Now, it looks like VW is going to put this new technology in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Audi Q7

Above Image: the 2016 Audi Q7

According to Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s CTO, the upcoming Audi SQ7 will use a brand new diesel V8 engine, with twin electric turbochargers. Audi names this to be “E-Boost”.

By using electric motors to spin up the turbo’s turbine without help from the exhaust gas, the electric turbocharger theoretically has zero turbo lag and it responses to your throttle input instantly...

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Next Generation VW Tiguan Will Has 3-Row Seat

The current Tiguan is a compact SUV which only accommodates as many passengers as a normal sedan. However the next-gen Tiguan will be dramatically different, by offering the 3rd-row capacity.


According to the news from Volkswagen, the following are what we will expect:

– 2nd-gen Tiguan will be launched in 2017;
– 3-row-seat capacity;
– Based on the VW Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform
– To be build in Puebla, Mexico
– To be sold in North/South America and other markets except European Union and China

Please see the below press release for more details.

[expand title=”Click to view press release”]


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(2015 Feb Special Issue) AWD System Dissected: Audi Quattro vs. Volkswagen 4Motion

A note from admin: we received a lot of emails from our readers inquiring more details and answers to some related questions. To make our editor’s job easier, please submit your comment or question at the bottom of this article. Every question will be reviewed and answered.

When talking about all-wheel-drive systems within the Volkswagen Group, most consumers usually know only two terms: the Quattro in Audi, and also the 4Motion in Volkswagen.


However, they are not just simply two systems: in fact the situation behind these are much more complicated than it appears to be. In this article, I will briefly analyze the AWD systems in Audi and VW cars.


The Audi ...

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