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Upcoming Volvo S90 C-Pillar Section Photo Leaked

People have been talking about the upcoming Volvo flagship sedan (the current S80 successor) for a while. Rumor has indicated the new flagship will be named “S90”, and Volvo built the Concept Universe and Concept You back in 2011 to give us a hint of how the new sedan will look like. Below is a spy shot shows the C-pillar section of an real S90 prototype (note: this photo was taken on Aug.28, 2013).


The S90 will be based on Volvo’s latest SPA platform (Scalable Product Architecture), you can see our brief analysis of the SPA design here. Powertrain will be similar to the XC90, including a top T8 trim which is composed of a 2...

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Volvo Plans to Enter Full Size Luxury Sedan Market

When you are considering to buy a luxury-brand car, I bet most of you will not think Volvo has the same prestige image as the three German brands (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi).

The reasons for this is quite complicated, but one of them is the fact that, Volvo does not has a “real” full-size sedan in its product line at this moment. There is an implicit rule in the industry that, a brand that does not has a full size large luxury sedan, cannot be considered to be a “real” luxury brand (of cause there is always exceptions like the Bugatti – but even it is considering a sedan model now, please read our previous report).

The largest sedan in Volvo’s product line is the S80...

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Most Popular Articles – 2014 May

Today is the last day of May, from our website statistics below are the most popular articles of this month.

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Report: Why You Won’t See the 3rd-Gen Volvo S80 until 2018

The current second generation Volvo S80 came out to market back in 2006. Now almost 8 years has passed, and we all think it is already overdue for a redesign.

Actually the S80 should be redesigned because both of its exterior/interior already look outdated, and there are much to be enhanced for its mechanical parts too.


But we are quite sure that the highly anticipated redesign will not happen before 2018. Below are some of our analysis.

Back in 2005 and 2008, when Volvo was still belong to Ford, the Chinese automaker Chang’an Motors (which headquarters is in Chongqing) signed a manufacturing contract with Ford, that to build the Chinese market S40 and S80 (including the...

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