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Next Generation VW Tiguan Will Has 3-Row Seat

The current Tiguan is a compact SUV which only accommodates as many passengers as a normal sedan. However the next-gen Tiguan will be dramatically different, by offering the 3rd-row capacity.


According to the news from Volkswagen, the following are what we will expect:

– 2nd-gen Tiguan will be launched in 2017;
– 3-row-seat capacity;
– Based on the VW Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform
– To be build in Puebla, Mexico
– To be sold in North/South America and other markets except European Union and China

Please see the below press release for more details.

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Live from Geneva: The 2016 Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen is going to debut the 3rd-generation Touran MPV in tomorrow’s Geneva auto show. Today we obtained permission to enter the exhibition hall and got a live preview for the all-new Touran. However, below is the only photo that Volkswagen allows us to publish at this time.


Compared to the 2nd-gen, the latest Touran has extended the wheelbase by 4.45in (113mm), with a total wheelbase of 109.9 inches. Despite the increase in size, the new Touran is 62kg lighter than its predecessor. During initial launch, 3 petrol engines and 3 diesel engines will be offered in the European market.

Please see the below press release for more details.

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(2015 Feb Special Issue) AWD System Dissected: Audi Quattro vs. Volkswagen 4Motion

A note from admin: we received a lot of emails from our readers inquiring more details and answers to some related questions. To make our editor’s job easier, please submit your comment or question at the bottom of this article. Every question will be reviewed and answered.

When talking about all-wheel-drive systems within the Volkswagen Group, most consumers usually know only two terms: the Quattro in Audi, and also the 4Motion in Volkswagen.


However, they are not just simply two systems: in fact the situation behind these are much more complicated than it appears to be. In this article, I will briefly analyze the AWD systems in Audi and VW cars.


The Audi ...

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Volkswagen Touareg 4Motion AWD System – A Comprehensive Review

All-wheel-drive system is a somewhat complicated topic. The main factor lies in: there are many types of differential, and also an AWD system always has 3 differentials (front/center/rear), hence there are many possible combinations of ways to implement an AWD system.


Since a typical consumer may not have enough knowledge to understand all technical details behind the AWD system, automobile manufacturers usually employ a single, unified generic term to name all of its AWD systems. Take Volkswagen as example: all of its AWD systems have only one name: “4Motion”, the same thing applies to Audi’s Quattro system.

The current way that car makers name their AWD products seems ...

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The Hot Hatch War Begins: 2016 Focus RS, WRX STI, Golf R

Two days ago, Ford announced the all-new 2016 Focus RS, which has more than 315hp from the 2.3L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, mated to an AWD system.

This effectively puts the Focus RS into the competition with other hot hatches in the market, such as the Subaru WRX STI and also the Volkswagen Golf R. The current 2015 WRX STI is in the sedan form, but we can safely bet the hatchback version is coming very soon, therefore we include it into our discussion here.


Generally speaking, Subaru WRX STI is the most hardcore vehicle for rally purpose, while it has lower refinement; the VW Golf R has the best refinement, but its AWD system is the weakest among the three candidate...

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