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British Humor: Toyota RND Concept Is Just a Joke

Toyota RND Is Just A Joke

Two days ago the Toyota UK division posted a mysterious photo indicating a “RND Concept” is coming on its way.

In fact, this is just a joke and the “RND” stands for “Red Nose Day”, which is considered to be a semi-holiday in UK (you can learn more history about this day here). The “RND Concept” is nothing but a Toyota Auris with a red nose.


While it is a good idea for a large corporation to participate in a charity activity, however, the way to market it is a different story...

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Toyota Teased Mysterious RND Concept, Fully Unveiled Jan.26

Today Toyota released a teaser image about its upcoming RND Concept, which is said to be announced next Monday, in the UK.


RND Will Be In Production Ready Form

While the “RND” name is pronounced the same as “R & D” (which commonly stands for “research and development”), this concept is not just a hypothesis – according to the press release, Toyota promises it will be in the production-ready form.

We guess this is the preview for the successor of the legendary Toyota Supra, what is your opinion?

Take a look at the press release for more information.

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First details of new model releas...

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