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New electric cars in the 2014 Beijing auto show

If the brand “Denza” sounds unfamiliar to you, here are some backgrounds of this auto maker: it is a joint venture between BYD (a Chinese company specialized in electric car technology) and Mercedes-Benz, and its headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China.

Denza has released its first production vehicle in the 2014 Beijing auto show. The Denza electric car has a wheelbase of 113.4 inches, and is equipped with a 115hp electric motor. With a full charge it can reach a range of 186 mile.

One distinct difference between this Denza car and the Tesla sold in the US is, the Denza is not aiming for high performance acceleration and handling, but for typical daily commute purpose...

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Analysis: what is the depreciation rate of the Tesla Model S

Because of the 0rpm instant maximum torque and the super low center of mass car body, the Tesla Model S provides unmatchable driving experiences.

However the enjoyment comes with cost: the electric car’s resale value cannot matched the tradiontional vehicles which is powered by the internal-combustion engine. Due to the cost its battery. Below is a breakdown of different component weights in the Tesla Model S.

Whole car curb weight: 4647lb

Battery Pack
1323 lb

Aluminum Space Frame
~ 800 lb

Motor / Drivetrain
~ 350 lb – electric motor + inverter
~ 175 lb – differential
~ 250 lb – wheels and tires
~ 120 lb – brakes calipers, discs, lines
~ 80 lb – air suspension

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BAIC intends to compete in the luxury electric sedan market

Back in February this year, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation (BAIC) acquired 25% equity ownership of Atieva – a lithium-ion battery manufacturer for electric cars based in Redwood City, California. BAIC currently is the largest shareholder of Atieva.

According to the agreement, Atieva will help BAIC to develop a mid-size electric luxury sedan comparable to the Audi A6L, within 3 years. If BAIC intends to enter the US market, clearly its main target will be the Tesla Model S.

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