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Tesla Announced Free Charger and Free Installation in China Market

When you purchase a Tesla Model S in US, it only comes with a free mobile connector as standard. This mobile connector only lets you charge your Model S using the regular 110V household outlet, provides 29 miles of range per hour.


If you want to charge the Model S faster, you need to use Tesla’s Wall Connector, which is installed on a 240 volt circuit, and supplies up to twice the amperage as a regular 110V outlet. However for US market this is not free: it cost you $750 for the parts, plus the installation labor.

We all know Tesla did not do well in China recently. Veronica Wu, Tesla’s former China region president, has resigned last December...

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Jaguar Is Considering F-Pace EV, Direct Compete with Tesla Model X

When talking about electric vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is definitely not a newbie in the market.


In fact, JLR has mastered the latest electric powertrain technologies 5 years ago: back in the 2010 Paris motor show, Jaguar has debuted the C-X75 plug-in concept, which uses 4 electric motors to drive the 4 wheels respectively. The power comes from a battery pack. One very distinct feature of the C-X75 is: the battery pack is charged by two gas turbine engine (something similar to the turboprop engine on airplanes).


Above Image: the Jaguar C-X75 Concept

With Tesla’s success in the past few years, plus the recent news that Porsche is going to produce an EV sports car,...

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Porsche EV Model, Will Directly Compete with Tesla Model S

Porsche EV

Yesterday our source gave us some real interesting info which should put Tesla in a serious disadvantage: Porsche is working on an electric sports car, targeting at the Tesla Model S. Below image is the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept (not the EV we are talking about).


The Porsche EV sports car we’re talking about will be smaller than its Panamera. This new model is previously rumored to be called the “Pajun”. Fierce competition in the mid-size luxury sports sedan lets Porsche make the decision that the smaller sedan to be in the form of pure EV only.

Since the Tesla Model S is about the same size as the Porsche Panamera, the new Porsche model will be s...

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Tesla Model X delayed, Again?

Model X hopefully not “X’d”

Yesterday,Tesla announced in a letter to shareholders for the 2014 Q3 that the delivery of the Model X will yet AGAIN be pushed back to third quarter of 2015 (see page 4 of the attached letter).


In fact this isn’t the first time, or second time the electric car company delayed the Model X delivery. At the very beginning, they said it will deliver the Model X in 2013, then later postponed to to late 2014, then again the time was moved to early 2015, and today we know the new time is “promised” to be 2015 Q3. We are not sure whether this is the final date. Let’s just hoping that Tesla is not going to “X” this project.

I do not know how other peo...

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Exclusive: Insider News About The Tesla Model 3

We have got some insider news about Tesla’s compact sports sedan: the Model 3.

According to an engineer who works in Tesla and in charge of the AWD drivetrain development, the Model S P85D/85D/60D are byproduct of the Model X.

But for the Model 3, it looks like the initial cost estimate from CEO Elon Musk is too optimistic. Tesla told the media they are planning to sell the model 3 in the price range around $35,000. Below is a rendering of the Model 3 concept.


However, there are some major issues happened inside Tesla now:

1. The battery pack supplier – Panasonic, raised the price of the battery


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