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Tesla’s Vision in 2015: An Interview with Head of Tesla China – Tom Zhu

At the end of 2014, Veronica Wu, the former President of Tesla China, resigned from her position. Ms. Wu is succeeded by Tom Zhu, who at that time was responsible for the Supercharging network development in China.


Last week, Chinese media GeekCar interviewed Mr. Zhu, they discussed some hot topics that Tesla owners in China are currently focusing on. Below is highlights based on the above interview report.

Q: Tesla’s 2014 4th-quarter financial report did not reach some analysts’ expectation, what is your opinion?
A: It is obvious the numbers in the financial report are not good. But there are multiple reasons: 1. investments in the Gigafactory; 2...

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Tesla Announces Model S Chinese Market MSRP

Unlike our US market, imported cars sold in China are heavily taxed based on multiple factors such as the engine’s displacement.

But apparently the tax policy does not work on electric cars. Yesterday Tesla released its product pricing for Chinese market. The Model S 60kWh carries a price tag of RMB 648,000 (around USD $103,885 using today’s FX rate). Do not be surprised about the USD equivalent value, because cars are way more expensive in China. For example the Lexus GS350 FSport’s MSRP in China is RMB 780,000 (around USD $125,046).

In US, a Lexus GS350 FSport MSRP = $53,280, a Tesla Model S 60kWh MSRP = $69,900; In China, after converting to USD, the GS350 is sold for ...

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