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2017 Subaru BRZ STI Special Model Information

A month ago we have reported the coming of the BRZ STI, today we got more updates from our insider friends in Subaru.


Here is the latest information summary:

1. It will not be called BRZ STI, instead a new name that implies this BRZ special model is tuned by STI;
2. Upgraded/strengthened body construction, and added chassis braces provides better torsional rigidity and ride quality;
3. Other enhancements includes: intake/exhaust, Brembo brakes, body aero kit;
4. Unfortunately the engine will be the same as the standard BRZ, NOT turbocharged, output will be around 210hp;
5. On sale 2016 summer

It is a little bit sad to hear the news that Subaru is not going to put the tur...

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Toyota Confirmed Sub-GT86/Scion FR-S Compact Sports Car

It has been rumored for sometime that Toyota has planned a sports car product lineup consist of a total of 3 models: the current GT86 (Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ in the US market), one positioned below it and another one above it.

Today Toyota confirmed the GT86’s little brother, internal code name “69DZ”. The new compact sports car pays homage to the Toyota Sports 800 back in the 1960s (1965 model shown below) and it will look like the Sports 800 wearing the 21th century design language.


According to our Toyota insider, the compact sports car is extremely light, weights less than 1 ton (around 2,200 lbs). It will has the rear-wheel-drive layout, powered by a 1...

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2017 Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Facelift Details Leaked

The Subaru BRZ (also the Scion FR-S, a.k.a Toyota GT86, or Toyota 86) has been in production since 2012 as the 2013 model. Now 3 years passed and the BRZ/FR-S is due for a mid-cycle update. However, this will not happen for the 2016 models – our Toyota insider told us today the news that we are going to see the mid-cycle refreshed FR-S/BRZ next year, as a 2017 model instead.


Of course there will be some tweaks to the exterior styling, but the most important and exciting updates is under the engine hood: the 2.0L naturally aspirated flat-4 engine will stay, but the hp output and also the torque will be increased by 5 percent, and fuel efficiency will also be enhanced by 7...

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The Scion Reorganization: Retirements and New Members

Today news spreads out that, Toyota is planning a big model reorganization for its Scion brand. Following are the details.

Scion xB: replaced by a variant of the Toyota Auris, in 2015.

– Current model:


– Future model:


Scion xD: replaced by a new design based on the Mazda2. Below is the current model. For the new Mazda2 please see this report.


Scion iQ: this model will be discontinued after the 2014 model year.


Scion FR-S: a second generation will debut in early 2017.

Scion tC: will be redesigned in 2016.

There is also a new CUV model based on the Toyota Corolla platform.


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Fun Facts about Your Car Brake Caliper’s Placement (Part 3)

break calipers

In this section, we will examine the rear wheel braking system.

Similar to the front wheel, one factor that affects the location of the brake caliper is the geometry design of the car’s rear suspension.

For some cars, there are control arm that connects to the rear part of the wheel hub, which takes up places that can fit the brake, therefore the brake caliper must be located in front of the rear wheel axle. For example the Lexus GS350 with rear wheel steering option, the control arm is located behind the wheel hub, therefore the brake must be placed on the other side.


For some other cars, the rear suspension control arms are in front of the wheel axle, therefore the bra...

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