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2014 New York Auto Show Live Photos – Mercedes-Benz

We are publishing live photos taken from the NY auto show. Here is the Mercedes-Benz section.

Please click at each thumbnail to see the full image.

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Car Body Torsional Rigidity – A Comprehensive List (Updated: Apr. 29, 2016)

Note: we have moved the complete list to our new site, all future updates will be published there.

The torsional rigidity is a critical parameter for a vehicle, which measures how many force you need to apply to “twist” the car body frame by one degree. Of course the larger of this value, the better.

From the consumer’s perspective, what is the benefit of a high torsional rigidity car body? A vehicle with high torsion rigidity will give the driver and passenger a more “solid” feel when the car is running, especially when the road is bumpy and has lots of potholes on it...

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Gallery: 2015 Mercedes-Benz Long Wheelbase C Class

While the US market will not receive the LWB version of the W205 C class, it is still good for us to check out the 2015 C260L.

The W205 LWB has a wheelbase of 115 inches, and will start to arrive in dealership lots this July, for the Chinese market. US dealerships will receive the new 2015 C class sedan two months later.

Click at each thumbnail to view the high resolution photo.

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New Mercedes-Benz C Class Will Has C450 Model

News surfaced today shows that Mercedes-Benz is working on a new trim for the upcoming W205 C Class, named C450.

It will use the same twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine with new ECU software to boost the turbo pressure, which increases the original output of 329hp (in C400) to around 367hp for the C450.

Both RWD and 4Matic AWD options will be available. The 4Matic system distributes the 367hp to all four wheels, decreases the possibility of wheel slip during hard acceleration.

This is the only detail we know at this moment. We will report back once we get more news about the C450. Below is image of the C400.


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New electric cars in the 2014 Beijing auto show

If the brand “Denza” sounds unfamiliar to you, here are some backgrounds of this auto maker: it is a joint venture between BYD (a Chinese company specialized in electric car technology) and Mercedes-Benz, and its headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China.

Denza has released its first production vehicle in the 2014 Beijing auto show. The Denza electric car has a wheelbase of 113.4 inches, and is equipped with a 115hp electric motor. With a full charge it can reach a range of 186 mile.

One distinct difference between this Denza car and the Tesla sold in the US is, the Denza is not aiming for high performance acceleration and handling, but for typical daily commute purpose...

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