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Next Generation of Lexus LS Body Construction Will Use Advanced Materials

The next generation of the Lexus LS flagship sedan (chassis code XF50) is set to be unveiled as early as next year.


Above image: the current Lexus LS460 (2014 model year model shown)

Today we got some tips from our Toyota insider. The major news is the all-new designed LS will utilize a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, in large percentage (as high as 80%) of its body structure.

Compared to the German competitors, the upcoming BMW 7-series (G11/G12) will use the similar approach, by incorporating the carbon fiber tube inside as the core of the aluminum structural parts; the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222) is using aluminum and steel construction; while the A...

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Mercedes-Benz Reveals Future Product Branding Plan

What Kind of Branding Plan Does Mercedes Have in Mind?

Mercedes-Benz released some interesting news that clearly states there is a future branding plan in mind. It regards how they will name the “special” versions of their existing vehicle models.

– For variants focusing on high-output and sporty handling, Mercedes plans to use the “AMG” brand after the model number.

– For variants which belongs to the ultra-luxury/exotic sector, the “Maybach” name will appear after the model name.

The first “Maybach” product will be the S-class Maybach, which is said to add another 10 inches to the current US market S-class wheelbase, which has already reached 124.6in...

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Are your car’s parts overpriced?

If your car is totaled and you need to take care of it yourself, do not sell the whole car to the junk yard. To make the most of money out of it, you should disassemble the car into different parts (for example engine, transmission, wheels, interior panels, stereos etc.), and sell them seperately. The total money you get from selling these parts will be way more than you selling the car as a whole.

If you have doubt, you can find out all the part numbers related to your car, and go to the dealership to check each parts’ individual price. Then you add them together, and you will find the total sum will be much higher than your car’s MSRP.

So here comes the term of parts-w...

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