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Mercedes-Benz Will Announce The C450 AMG in 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Today comes the news that, Mercedes-Benz will announce the W205 C450 AMG model in next January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The C450 AMG is not the “real” AMG model such as the C63 AMG. It is something similar to BMW’s “M Performance” line such as the M235i.

The C450 AMG will use the same engine on the C400, but with higher boost pressure to bump up the output to 367hp. Refer to our previous report for more details about the C450 AMG spy shots, pricing, and more technical stuffs.

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Mercedes-Benz Will Introduce AMG Sport Models

Just like BMW is making the M Performance models such as the M235i, Mercedes-Benz is also considering something lower than the AMG badge, but higher than “normal” models.

“AMG Sport” is Mercedes’ answer to BMW’s M Performance. According to our insider, the first AMG Sport product will be the upcoming C450 AMG Sport, which we have been talked about here, here a while ago (we even provide you a rough price estimate of the C450 in this post!).

The AMG Sport product line will definitely not limited to the C450, it will also be extended to the A/E/S/GLA/ML/GL-Class vehicles.

We will see the announcement of the C450 AMG Sport some time next year...

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Exclusive: 2015 Mercedes-Benz W205 C450 Price Leaked

Today we got the unofficial price for many trims of the redesigned 2015 C-Class (W205). Unfortunately it is for China market only, but we can still get a brief idea of how Mercedes-Benz is going to price their latest compact sports sedan. From the leaked pricing info, it is also the first time we get the more details and confirmation that the C450 will also be made, and long-wheel-base version will be offered on all trims.


Pricing info (in RMB. 1 USD = 6.21558122 RMB):

2015 Mercedes-Benz C Class (W205)
C180L:    313,000
C200L:    339,000
C260L:    372,000
C300L:    445,000
C400L:    528,000
C450L:    627,000

For your reference, below is the 2014 C-Class (...

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Latest Spyshot of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG

Last month we reported the existence of high-performance C class called “C450 AMG”.

Today we know the C450 will be at least released as a wagon version, because of the following spyshots. From the images we see one major exterior difference between the C450 and other non-AMG C class models is the quad exhaust under the rear bumper.

We also believe the C450 sedan willl come out together with the C450 wagon next year.

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Latest BMW M2 Information

Today comes updates to the future BMW M2:

Start of production in late 2015;
Used a N55 based 6 cylinder turbo engine, 365-375 hp

The M2 is a must-do for BMW because Mercedes-Benz will introducing the 367hp W205 C450 next year. Without the M2, currently BMW has no product to compete with the Mercedes rival.

The reason why BMW not take the turbo 4 cylinder engine route for M2 may due to:

1. Larger turbo lag for the 4 cylinder engine to achieve same output;
2. Excessive developement cost to overcome the shortcoming mentioned in #1.

For enhancements made to the “standard” N55 engine to achieve 370hp-level ouput, the following are some speculations:

– Tuning to the ECU to ...

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