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Updated 2016 Audi A6 Got Good Result in IIHS Small Overlap Test

For those who are in the market of buying the Audi A6, if the bigger discount on the 2015 model seems tempting to you, you may want to think twice now, since the 2016 model has some fundamental enhancements which you should seriously consider.


You may have already known major changes in the 2016 A6 are in:

– Upgraded engine output (2.0T: 220hp => 252hp, 3.0T: 310hp => 333hp)
– Minor tweaks to the exterior styling
– Better graphic chips for the LCD display

However, there is at least one more critical improvement made to the 2016 model: the front-end and passenger cabin structure are strengthened, and are more stiff to achieve the “Good” rating in the latest IIHS small ove...

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Ford replaced its Lincoln brand chief designer

According to Ford, it replaced its former Lincoln brand designer Max Wolff, with David Woodhouse. This new HR change happened in last December.

Woodhouse joined Ford back in 1999. Before that he worked for GM. During his previous work in Ford, Woodhouse oversaw the exterior design of the previous-Ford-own luxury brands such as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover and Volvo.

While we do not know the actual reason why Ford let Wolff step down his post, we know Wolff did make good progress for the Lincoln brand. The model he was in charge of the exterior design, the Lincoln MKZ’s sales gain 36% in the last quarter.


It looks like Ford put a big hope on the exterior design to b...

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