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Lexus IS with rear wheel steering?

When talking about “four-wheel steering” (the rear wheels can also turn a small degree of angel during cornering), your first thought may be the Lexus GS.

For the US market, it looks like currently the GS is the only model that has this feature. But in fact, Lexus provides its domestic market some special treatments. For example now the JDM Lexus IS is also equipping this feature – with the same four wheel steering system, dubbed as the Dynamic Handling System.

Australian folks are pushing the Japanese headquarters for this benefit too – they want the Aussie IS model has this on their ordering option list...

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Why people loves the Lexus RX?

For some car enthusiasts, the Lexus RX is just simply plain from their point of view. Well, this is quite understandable: the RX is based on a front wheel drive platform (which you can even claim it is related to the Toyota Highlander); the engine outputs 270hp (or “merely 270hp” in some muscle car owners’ language, for the RX350), paired to a somewhat outdated universal 6 speed transmission (I know the higher-level RX350 FSport offers an industry-first FWD 8 speed transmission); its exterior looks conservative, and it drives/handles conservatively too. Everything is just so plain, so conservative, nothing interesting at all...

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What Will The RC-F Engine’s Output Be?

When the 2015 Lexus RC-F was revealed back in January, the official press states that its engine has more than 450 horsepower and more than 383 lb.-ft. of torque.

The reason why Lexus does not announce the exact numbers, is because their engineers are still working on the final production version of the engine, fine tunning its parameters.

News from Austrialia’s National Motoring, Lexus engineers are trying to put another 10 to 15kW of muscles on top of the already-published “more than 450hp” figure. This means we are looking at 463 – 470hp when the RC-F is in dealership’s parking lot later this year.

However, YouWheel...

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