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From Honda Accord Hybrid to Koenigsegg Regera

Some of you may wonder why we are talking about Honda Accord and Koenigsegg Regera at the same time. At first glance, these two cars are totally unrelated: the Honda Accord Hybrid has only 196HP combined system power, while the Koenigsegg Regera has 1,500HP. The Accord Hybrid starts from $29,305, while the Koenigsegg Regera carries a price tag of $1,890,000 (close to 1.9 million).


Above image: the Koenigsegg Regera in the 2015 Geneva auto show

In fact, despite the huge difference in power output and price, these two cars have one common feature: they are the only two production cars that connects an internal combustion engine (ICE) directly to the driving wheels...

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Live from Geneva: The Koenigsegg Regera (with 54 HD Photos)

The Koenigsegg Regera was debuted in the Geneva auto show last week. It has a very unique powertrain which is consist of a 5.0L turbocharged V8 engine, plus 3 electric motors (one at the crankshaft providing 215hp, two 241hp at each rear wheel) sourcing power from a 9.27kWh battery pack.


The total system output of the Koenigsegg Regera is rated at 1,509ps (1,489hp) with a top speed of 249mph. We will have a very interesting article to analyze this exotic car in next week. At this moment, please enjoy our photos taken in the auto show.

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Short Comparison: 10 Exotic Car Makers

McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Maserati are some brands that many people cannot afford. However this cannot stop us from examining them from the technical aspect: since they represent the most state-of-the-art technologies in the current automotive industry.


It is hard to judge and rank these exotic car makers, due to the fact that building a car involves lots of different technical areas. In this article, I will try to provide you a high-level holistic view, showing you what is the “house special” for each of them.


They are good at car body and chassis design...

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Car Body Torsional Rigidity – A Comprehensive List (Updated: Apr. 29, 2016)

Note: we have moved the complete list to our new site, all future updates will be published there.

The torsional rigidity is a critical parameter for a vehicle, which measures how many force you need to apply to “twist” the car body frame by one degree. Of course the larger of this value, the better.

From the consumer’s perspective, what is the benefit of a high torsional rigidity car body? A vehicle with high torsion rigidity will give the driver and passenger a more “solid” feel when the car is running, especially when the road is bumpy and has lots of potholes on it...

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2014 New York Auto Show Live Photos – Koenigsegg

We are publishing live photos taken from the NY auto show. Here is the Koenigsegg section.

Please click at each thumbnail to see the full image.

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