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2015 Inifiniti QX70 Will Cancel V8 Engine Option

In a company, if the product you are working on has very limited application usages, and there is also very few customer buying it, then you know sooner or later the product will be discontinued. Well, this is exactly the case for the Infiniti’s V8 QX70.

The 5.0L V8 (engine code: VK50VE) used on the QX70, is the only 5.0L V8 engine in Nissan, and it is also only used on QX70. What makes situation worse is: almost no people are buying it in the recent years. So Infiniti has made its decision that simply does not offer this engine in the 2015 model year QX70.


This leaves the 3.7L V6 engine to be the single choice for the QX70 product line...

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