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Are Gasoline of Different Brands All The Same?

Some people may not care what they put into their car’s gas tank, and just go to the nearest gas station when their cars are running out of gas.

Although there is a federal minimum requirement in US for the gasoline quality, the quality warranty is just very basic and may not be enough for your car’s health, long term speaking.

For example, one requirement to the gasoline sold in US market is, there must be detergent added to prevent carbon buildup inside the engine, to keep the engine runs cleaner, more efficient and lower the emissions. The amount that the detergent added into the gasoline determines the cleaning effect...

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2015 VW GTI official information and pricing

Today VW announced their new 2015 GTI model information. Here are some highlights to compare the new model with the current GTI.

– Based on Mk7 Golf (MQB platform); while the 2014 model are on the Mk6 Golf (PQ35 platform);

– New model is 2.2 inches longer, 1.1 inches lower and 0.5 inches wider;

– Use the same EA888 2.0L turbo engine that also appears on most Audi cars; this engine uses timing chain, it does not require maintenance to this part for many years, thus saves you money if you plan to keep this car for a long time. The EA888 also solves many reliability issues in the previous EA133 engine, which is used on the current GTI

– Standard engine output 210hp and 258 l...

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