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Car Body Torsional Rigidity – A Comprehensive List (Updated: Apr. 29, 2016)

Note: we have moved the complete list to our new site, all future updates will be published there.

The torsional rigidity is a critical parameter for a vehicle, which measures how many force you need to apply to “twist” the car body frame by one degree. Of course the larger of this value, the better.

From the consumer’s perspective, what is the benefit of a high torsional rigidity car body? A vehicle with high torsion rigidity will give the driver and passenger a more “solid” feel when the car is running, especially when the road is bumpy and has lots of potholes on it...

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What does the 2015 Dodge Challenger tell us

First, I guess 2014 Challenger SRT8 will not be happy now. Because for the 2015 model year, non-SRT models of the Challenger also get the same 6.4L V8 engine, with even more hp and torque (485hp vs. 2014 SRT’s 470hp, 475 lb-ft torque vs 2014 SRT’s 470 lb-ft); which makes the 2014 SRT8 owner regret not waiting for one more year is, the 2015 Challenger will get the ZF sourced 8-speed transmission across the whole product line (2014 Challenger SRT8 only has the ). It is sure that the 485hp V8 engine paired with the 8-speed shift box, will has a much better accelerating performance than the 2014 Challenger SRT8.

The 2015 Challenger will has similar mechanical, electronic devi...

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Refreshed 2015 Dodge Charger information

The biggest change to the refreshed Charger is its exterior. From the official image you may find that its front and rear looks like the Dodge Dart. LED lighting becomes a normal norm for the auto industry nowadays, so does Dodge.

Major changes:

– ZF sourced 8-speed automatic transmission is standard on all trims (while the current 2014 model has the old 5-speed transmission as standard equipment); Sport mode can shift within 250ms (a reduction from 400ms)

– AWD can be had for the base SE and SXT trim; but 5.7L V8 engine is RWD only

– Aluminum made axles and axle housing

– Nothing new, but worth mentioning is the Rallye Appearance Group package for the V6 engine, which bo...

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