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Cadillac Flagship CT6 Sedan Teased

It has been a while since our last report about the Cadillac flagship sedan which is named “CT6”. Today Cadillac showed how it looks in a Dare Greatly campaign commercial, called the The Daring: No Regrets.


The upcoming CT6 arrives at 0:40 in this 60-second spot. We can see its frontal areas and also a little bit of the side profile.

The CT6 is said to be using advanced lightweight material construction in its car body, most probably a large percent of aluminum alloy. Along with this Cadillac ads campaign, more details of the CT6 should be coming in the next few weeks. Meanwhile please enjoy the 60-second spot below and see how the CT6 looks like.


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Cadillac Has New Nomenclature, Flagship Sedan to be Named CT6

Today Cadillac announced its new plan for naming its product line. The rule is quite simple: all of its current and future vehicles will be name in the format of  “CT[x]” (here x = a number starts at integer “1”, higher value means higher market position of the car).

For example, previously rumor said the upcoming Cadillac full-size sedan’s name will be “LTS”, now its official name is “CT6”. Below is a spy shot of the Cadillac CT6 full-size luxury sedan.


You may recall recently there is another brand also has this dramatic change of nomenclature, yes you are right, the Infiniti. You may also has a feeling that this is a similar strategy – yes you are right again.

Johan ...

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