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All-New 2016 BMW 7-Series (G11/G12) Details Explained

The all-new 6th-generation BMW 7 series will start production in this July, and last week you have seen how the new 7 series looks. Today we will show you some highlights of the new BMW flagship sedan’s specifications.


Below are what we have known at this moment:

– Carbon fiber (Carbon fiber–reinforced polymer – CFRP)/aluminum/steel hybrid material car body construction; the CFRP used on the G11/12 7 series is 50% lighter than steel, and 30% lighter than aluminum; Used in places such as the B-pillar, C-pillar, transmission tunnel, roof rails etc.
– Hybrid material construction contributes to a 40kg (88.2 lbs) weight reduction for the body-in-white;
– Revised wheel hub ...

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They Are Not Created Equal: BMW Leather Explained

There are lots of BMW owners around here in the US. We are facing a very comprehensive order guide when we are customize building/ordering  our BMW. One prominent issue is the various vocabulary used in the description of the car’s leather seats/upholstery. These different terms are not just for fancy decorative purpose, in fact they mean something.


Below are some brief explanation of those frequently terms you will see in all US market BMW models’ order sheet:

Merino Leather

Usually in M models and BMW Individual orders. This is genuine fine-grain natural leather, it is dyed with no artificial coating applied.

Nappa Leather

This is an optional upgrade for the higher-l...

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All-New 2016 BMW 7-Series (G11) Images Leaked

The completely-redesigned 2016 BMW 7 Series is coming. BMW has hosted a private preview event in Miami on 04/15. For those who did not have the opportunity to see the new BMW flagship two weeks ago, here we are going to show you how the new 7 series looks like.


Compared to the current generation, the new 7-Series’ exterior looks more slick, and the interior style is also more inline with the latest BMW products. For US market, the 740i model will be equipped with BMW’s latest B58 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine, making around 330hp.

Please enjoy the below gallery.

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Updated 2016 Audi A6 Got Good Result in IIHS Small Overlap Test

For those who are in the market of buying the Audi A6, if the bigger discount on the 2015 model seems tempting to you, you may want to think twice now, since the 2016 model has some fundamental enhancements which you should seriously consider.


You may have already known major changes in the 2016 A6 are in:

– Upgraded engine output (2.0T: 220hp => 252hp, 3.0T: 310hp => 333hp)
– Minor tweaks to the exterior styling
– Better graphic chips for the LCD display

However, there is at least one more critical improvement made to the 2016 model: the front-end and passenger cabin structure are strengthened, and are more stiff to achieve the “Good” rating in the latest IIHS small ove...

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2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e Announced

Today BMW announced one more member of the X5 SUV family: the 2016 X5 xDrive40e.


The X5 xDrive40e is a plug-in hybrid model with a 9kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It marks the first time that the X5 is using a 4-cylinder gasoline engine. Below are some highlights:

– 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine: 245hp, 258 lb-ft of torque; ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission; xDrive AWD system
– Electric motor: 113hp, 184 lb-ft of torque
– Combined output: 313hp, 332 lb-ft of torque
– 0-62mph (0-100kmh) time: 6.8 seconds; top speed: 130mph (hybrid mode); 75mph (EV mode)
– Pure electric range: 19 miles

Enjoy the below gallery and see more details in the press release.

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