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Brief Analysis: the All-New BMW B58 6-Cylinder Engine

Note: We have a more comprehensive analysis of the BMW B58 engine, click and view it:

Detailed Analysis: The BMW B58 Inline 6-Cylinder Engine

The upcoming 2016 BMW 340i will be equipped with a 3.0L turbocharged I6 engine (code name: B58). This is not the same N55 engine which is widely used in many BMW cars at this moment (like 235i/335i/435i/535i/740i etc.), instead the B58 engine is an completely-new design and has many fundamental differences than the N55.


Below are some analysis based on the engine structure images released by BMW.

1. The biggest change in the B58 engine is its block is a closed deck design (while the N54/N55 is an open deck)...

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BMW Secretly Increased Engine Displacement for 2015 X5

I am sure all consumers in the US know that, for the 35i trim of the 2015 BMW X5, they are still coming with the company’s famous N55 6-cylinder 3.0L turbo engine.

But perhaps unknown to most people, the N55 engine on the 2015 X5 sDrive35i and xDrive35i, is a different version that only exists in US-spec X5. In fact, even though they are named “3.0L” in all documents and advertisements, it does not mean an exact number of 3,000 cc. Specifically speaking, the N55 engines installed in all other BMW vehicles (except the 2015 X5 35i) have a displacement of 2,979 cc.


Starting from the 2015 model year, BMW is providing a special version of the N55 engine on 2015 X5 35i models,...

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Latest BMW M2 Information: Production Timeline Decided

Today we have the latest news regarding the upcoming 2016 BMW M2: start of production will begin in November 2015 for European market, and March 2016 for US market.

There is no more updates for the M2 specifications, and we are sure it will use the N55B30T0 engine. Information in our previous M2 report is still valid at this point.


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2016 BMW Will Introduce 330i/430i and 340i/440i Models

We get the latest news for the BMW F3x models. Starting from the 2016 model year, the current N20 4-cylinder turbo engine will be replaced by the newly designed B48 engine; and the award-wining N55 turbo-6, will be upgraded to the B58 engine.

Therefore, the current N20-equipped models (328i/428i) will be renamed 330i and 430i. The N55-equipped cars (335i/435i) will be designated as 340i/440i.

This is not just a name change, according to our insider source, those two engines will be at least 10% more powerful than their predecessors. More specifically, the 330i/430i will be around 270ps; the 340i/440i will be approx. 330-340ps (depends on options chosen).


Instead of using...

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Latest BMW M2 Information

It has been almost 2 months since we report the news of the BMW M2. Many things happened during the past months, for example the upcoming Audi RS3 was estimated to offer around 400hp.

It looks like BMW is following up the competition, and adjusted the engine power range. The latest news says the BMW M2 will have 374 – 395 hp, and the energy will comes from a modified version of the 3.0L turbo 6-cylinder N55 engine. Please note that this is just and estimation and it is not officially confirmed by BMW at this moment.


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