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2016 BMW M6 Receives 600HP Competition Package

Today BMW announced the upgraded Competition Package option for the 2016 M6 Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible, which is available for order starting this July.


When checking the box of this upgrade option, the 4.4L twin-turbo V8’s output is improved from the standard 560hp/500 lb-ft to an astonishing 591hp/516 lb-ft.

In case you feel the number of “591hp” is a little bit odd: in fact 591hp translates to 600ps. This effectively puts the M6 into the 600hp+ league.

With the competition package, buyer can also choose the M Driver’s Package to increase the top speed to 189mph...

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Next BMW M5 Latest Information: V10 Engine Returning, M5 Touring Model Added

For some BMW M car owners, the act of using 6-cylinder engine for the new M3 (F80), and 8-cylinder engine for the latest M5 (F10) is a setback for the M department. Because the previous generation uses a V8 and V10 respectively.

Today comes a news that sounds encouraging. From our BMW insider, it looks like BMW is seriously considering to let the V10 configuration coming back for the next generation of M5 (G30 5-series), and also the future M6 too.

Below is engine bay of the previous M5 (E60 M5).


Also comes with the V10 engine will be the touring version of the M5 (G31 M5 Touring) will exist too...

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