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The Last BMW with Naturally Aspirated Engine (with Gallery)

Many of you may think the 2013 BMW M3 Coupe is the last BMW vehicle that is using a naturally aspirated engine (the S65 V8), and now all BMW cars are turbocharged. In fact this is only true within the US market. BMW is still selling at least one model which still uses an aspirated gasoline engine: the 730i/730Li.


Currently, BMW is still selling the 730i/730Li in some Asia and European countries, for example in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Russia etc.

The 730i/Li is using the 3.0L N52B30 6-cylinder engine, producing 255hp @ 6,600 rpm, with 229 lb-ft of torque between 2,600-4,000 rpm. The ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission is the only choice.

Although it looks lik...

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Will BMW make a 720i sedan?

The rumor started earlier this year, when one day BMW official website suddenly posted a page of the 720i model, then withdrawed that webpage shortly after.

Although no one inside BMW ever commented, denied or confirmed the existence of 720i, I still consider this model actually make a business case, not in US or north America, but in Europe and Asia, especially the Chinese market.

Perhaps still not widely known for US customers, BMW did create some very special version of their 3 and 5 series in the Chinese market: they have a long wheel base versions of the 3/5 sedans there.

For example as shown below, a 2014 model year 520Li (“Prestige” trim in the following photos), s...

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