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All-New 2016 BMW 7-Series (G11) Images Leaked

The completely-redesigned 2016 BMW 7 Series is coming. BMW has hosted a private preview event in Miami on 04/15. For those who did not have the opportunity to see the new BMW flagship two weeks ago, here we are going to show you how the new 7 series looks like.


Compared to the current generation, the new 7-Series’ exterior looks more slick, and the interior style is also more inline with the latest BMW products. For US market, the 740i model will be equipped with BMW’s latest B58 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine, making around 330hp.

Please enjoy the below gallery.

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Latest 2016 BMW 7-Series Interior Spy Shots

During the last few days, there are some spy shots of the redesigned 2016 BMW 7-series (the G11 7-series) interior layout. From the below gallery we have some findings.

1. The instrument gauge is a combination of round dial frames and digital LCD content (including speed/tachometer scale readings, indicating needles) display;

2. iPad style navigation display screen like the current F30 3-series;

3. Not much of the console area are covered in leather or wood trim, especially the center armrest part, it looks like lots of plastic is used instead.

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Spy Shots: The Redesigned 2016 BMW 7-Series

We got some latest spy shots of the upcoming redesigned BMW 7-Series, which will be announced next year as a 2016 model.

Since the 7-Series will share the platform with the Rolls-Royce Ghost, and you may remember last month we shed some lights on the next generation of the Ghost, the new 7-Series will utilize carbonfiber in its car frame. The use of the light weight material will also reduce the curb weight of the new 7-series for around 450 lbs compared to the current generation.

Insider information indicates some new engine options, including a 2...

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Will BMW make a 720i sedan?

The rumor started earlier this year, when one day BMW official website suddenly posted a page of the 720i model, then withdrawed that webpage shortly after.

Although no one inside BMW ever commented, denied or confirmed the existence of 720i, I still consider this model actually make a business case, not in US or north America, but in Europe and Asia, especially the Chinese market.

Perhaps still not widely known for US customers, BMW did create some very special version of their 3 and 5 series in the Chinese market: they have a long wheel base versions of the 3/5 sedans there.

For example as shown below, a 2014 model year 520Li (“Prestige” trim in the following photos), s...

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