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A New Round of Horsepower Competition

Eight years earlier, cars sold under the $35k mark seldom get a 300hp+ engine (with exceptions like the 2005
Mustang GT), not to mention whether it was possible to get a 300hp+ luxury car at that time. Even though the
Mustang GT gets a 300hp V8 engine which is considered “high output” at that time, it sacrifices refinement
and interior material qualities and lots of other features.

But in the end of 2005, after Lexus released the 2GR-FSE engine, which was used in the 2006 IS350, the
situation is permanently changed. Equipped with the dual-injection-system 2GR-FSE engine, The IS350 has
306hp and carries a MSRP of $35,440 and its invoice price is $31,186 (for many peopl...

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BMW 320i and 335i will get new engines next year

Starting July next year (2015), BMW will put the new designed 4 cylinder turbon engine (code name B48) in its 320i sedan, to replace the old N20 engine; Also the new B58 six-cylinder engine will appear in the 335i too.

Compared to the current N20 engine, the new B48 four-cylinder turbo engine has a smaller bore (B48: 82mm; N20: 84mm) and longer stroke (B48: 94.6mm; N20: 90.1mm). The smaller bore/stroke ratio means this new engine is more focus on low-end torque, rather than high revving power.

The B48 engine uses piezoelectric direct injection, valvetronic, Double VANOS...

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