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Why the Audi A6 is hard to maintain

Replacing the oxygen sensor – this task sounds easy.

For some cars this is actually an easy job. But for some it isn’t. Take this Audi A6 for example, the two red arrows point to the two oxygen sensors on its left exhasut manifold (the right manifold has another 2, too).


Now please use your imagination: without disassembling the engine like what it shows in the photo, and with the cylinder head blocking your space (you can use the right hand side cylinder in the above photo as comparison), are you able to reach the sensor and take it out, then install a new one? For other people I am not sure, but I know I cannot.


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2015 Audi A3 gets high scores in the latest IIHS crash test

Today IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) released its latest tests on the all-new 2015 Audi A3. Here are some really impressive key points:

  1. Small overlap frontal crash: the front crumple zone absorbs the impact energy beautifully. During the test the A3 cabin safety cage touches the crash object directly but with minimal deformation...
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Luxury car rentals becomes popular in US market

Rent in Style

When talking about rental cars, most people will think about renting a Ford Focus, Chevy Malibu, Toyota Camry, Starting from the recent 2 or 3 years, luxury cars are increasingly becoming the norm in major rental car companies.

Take Hertz for example, currently one of its popular premium car brand is Mercedes-Benz, mainly the C/E/GLK class. Hertz’s major competitor, Avis, is dedicated to BMW. The 3/5/X3/X5 are the popular models.


Hertz goes a step further and now offers some more expensive cars for rent, which includes the Mercedes AMG models, BMW M cars (M3, M5) and all Porsche models. Specifically the fleet includes:

Land Rover: Range Rover

Porsche: Boxst...

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