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Updated 2016 Audi A6 Got Good Result in IIHS Small Overlap Test

For those who are in the market of buying the Audi A6, if the bigger discount on the 2015 model seems tempting to you, you may want to think twice now, since the 2016 model has some fundamental enhancements which you should seriously consider.


You may have already known major changes in the 2016 A6 are in:

– Upgraded engine output (2.0T: 220hp => 252hp, 3.0T: 310hp => 333hp)
– Minor tweaks to the exterior styling
– Better graphic chips for the LCD display

However, there is at least one more critical improvement made to the 2016 model: the front-end and passenger cabin structure are strengthened, and are more stiff to achieve the “Good” rating in the latest IIHS small ove...

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2015 Audi A6 Comes with Styling Tweaks And Powertrain Updates

The next 2 years is not a good time for shopping a European luxury mid-size sedan, because most of the boys on street are going to undergo a major redesigned. For example the current BMW 5-series and the Mercedes-Benz E-class, will be replaced by a new generation very soon (of course, if buying a car that will be soon/immediately outdated is not an issue to you, please ignore what I have written here).

The 2015 Audi A6 is a very good choice for those of you who are in the market for a luxury sedan...

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VW 7-seater Model Will Be Manufactured in China

When you look at Volkswagen’s product line, you can see it does not has any vehicle that can carry over 5 people at this moment (for VW brand only).

Maybe you have heard VW is filling this gap with a 7-seater model based on the CrossBlue concept SUV recently.

The CrossBlue can carry 6 people, but the production version will change the second row seat to accommodate three people (instead 2 in the concept car), thus increase the total capacity to 7 persons.

While VW has not told us where the US market version will be made, today news come out that at least for the Chinese market, the 7-seat SUV will be made by Shanghai Volkswagen.

For those of you who are not familiar with...

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Are your car’s parts overpriced?

If your car is totaled and you need to take care of it yourself, do not sell the whole car to the junk yard. To make the most of money out of it, you should disassemble the car into different parts (for example engine, transmission, wheels, interior panels, stereos etc.), and sell them seperately. The total money you get from selling these parts will be way more than you selling the car as a whole.

If you have doubt, you can find out all the part numbers related to your car, and go to the dealership to check each parts’ individual price. Then you add them together, and you will find the total sum will be much higher than your car’s MSRP.

So here comes the term of parts-w...

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Audi sold more A6 than the Toyota Camry in China

2014 March sales statistics of the Chinese auto market come out today.

During the last month, total auto sales in China region is 1 ,094,472 units. One surprising fact is for March 2014, the Audi A6 outsold the Toyota Camry (15,800 units vs. 15,723 units). Compared to the best selling mid-size luxury sedan in US market, the Mercedes-Benz E class only sold 6,335 units.

In the same period, BMW sold 12,279 units of the 5 series in China; and Mercedes-Benz sold 3,360 units of the E class.

The weak Mercedes-Benz sales is caused by the scandal that, the largest Chinese television media (CCTV) reported back in March 2013, that Mercedes-Benz used poisonous materials in some of th...

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