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Most Popular Articles – 2014 March

Today is the last day of March, we summarize the most popular articles in this month.

Lexus LFA

Part 1 – car body frame
Part 2 – engine

Turbo Lag Explainedanalysis with test charts

Luxury Car RentalBMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and more

Acura MDX Comparision2014 model vs 2013 model

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Why there is few Porsche vehicle crash tests available

The recent investigation report about the accident that killed Paul Walker in his friend’s Porsche Carrera GT indicates that, the 93mph speed before the crashing (the speed limit of that road is 45mph) is one of the major factors. Also, the 9-year old tires installed on the car is another contributing factor.

The Porsche Carrera GT is a limited edition production car which is sold in the US market for around 2 years. The car was discontinued in 2006 due to the reason that it did not meet the latest US airbag regulations.

In 2006 US airbag federal regulations, each car model sold in US is required to have dual stage airbags installed...

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What will the automobile industry be in the next decade?

You Might Want To Think Deeper About Owning Auto Industry Stocks

If you’re currently holding on to auto industry stocks and plan on holding them for long term growth, you probably might want to think deeper about it.

For some investors, they actually prefer privately-owned rather than publicly-owned companies (which issues common stock that you can buy from your brokers). The main reasons are as follows:

1. A public company’s CEO may not have a corresponding technical background. Although one may argue that management can still get professional consultations within the company for decision making...

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Why the Lexus LFA is a special supercar – part 2

In part 1, we reviewed the body construction of the LFA. Now let us take a look at its heart – the 1LR-GUE 4.8L V10 engine.

Some may criticize it does not has fuel direct injection. However let’s see what is the benefit of using direct injection.

By using direct injection, the internally sprayed liquid fuel can lower the cylinder’s temperature, therefore lower the possibility that the fuel to be ignited by the high engine temperature. Therefore, a higher cylinder compression ratio can be utilized, and the higher compression ratio can thus raises the output and lower fuel consumption...

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Why the Lexus LFA is a special supercar – part 1


Why the Lexus LFA is a special supercar – part 1 (carbon fiber technology)
Why the Lexus LFA is a special supercar – part 2 (engine)

When the Lexus LFA went on sale in late 2010 and early 2011, some of its specifications seem to be outdated: for example its V10 engine still uses traditional port injection for the fuels, while the 10-times-cheaper IS250 has already incorporated fuel direct injection for 4 years; and also the LFA is using a single clutch 6 speed automated sequential transmission, while there are plenty of sports cars using a more advanced double clutch transmission.

These indeed are shortcomings of the LFA, caused by the lengthy development cycle ...

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